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I have extensive experience producing, mixing and mastering music in the Dolby Atmos format.

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Synthesis Sound is a Dolby Atmos certified music studio equipped with a 9.1.4 Lipinski speaker array, an extensive stereo & immersive audio plug-in collection, and mastering grade conversion, analog/digital processors, headphones & measurement tools. The studio features a custom-designed acoustic environment that has been tuned by a Dolby certified acoustic technician, which guarantees that my productions accurately translate to all playback systems and listening environments.

If want to learn more about my dedicated Dolby Atmos mastering services, please visit Immersive Mastering.


Please visit one of the following links to hear a selection of my recent Dolby Atmos mixes & masters on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal.


Snoop Dogg

Blink Twice

Mother Mother
O My Heart


The Sheepdogs
Outta Sight

Orville Peck

Jann Arden

Fever Dream

In Loving Memory

Jamie Fine
On My Own

Josh Ross
On A Different Night



Corb Lund
Songs My Friends Wrote

Live at Capitol Studios

Zeds Dead
I Took A Ride

Where Do We Fall

Gogo Morrow
In The Way

Barbra Lica
Girls Like Me

Mother Mother
Hayloft & Hayloft II

Apple Music Home Session


Mother Mother
Inside (Deluxe)

Mother Mother
Hayloft II (Smashup)

Last Birthday

Jonathan Kawchuck

Christina Perri
A Thousand Years


Blink Once

Locals Only Sound

Yonda & Domae Magic

Forest Blakk
Fall Into Me

Ryland James & Ralph
A Christmas To Remember


Command Sisters
Rain on My Parade


Josh Ross
Apple Music Home Session

Jamie Fine
Hate Me Love Me

Nicky Youre

Dolby Atmos
Binaural/Stereo Reference Player

The players below allow you to use headphones to compare a selection of my Dolby Atmos mix/masters with their associated stereo masters.

For each player below, click the yellow button to load the audio and then press play. While the audio is playing, click on the ATMOS & STEREO buttons to toggle between the two formats.

Brandy – Baby Mama

Valley – Champagne

Jonathan Kawchuk – Solar Plexus

Cannons – Hurricane

The Sheepdogs – Find The Truth

Locals Only Sound – Easy

Govi – Euphoria

Barbra Lica – Girls Like Me

Spatial Remixing (Stem Up-Mixing)

I work with artists, producers and labels worldwide to spatially remix their stereo productions in the Dolby Atmos format.

I am dedicated to creating inspiring mixes & masters in this format, ensuring that the Atmos content maintains the essence of the original stereo production, while also benefiting from the spatial potential in multi-channel and headphone playback environments. I have extensive experience mixing and mastering in the Dolby Atmos format, and can ensure that all mixes and masters are ready for commercial release on all participating streaming platforms.

Some of my Dolby Atmos clients include: Snoop Dogg, Brandy, Carlos Santana, Arkells, The Sheepdogs, Valley, Mother Mother, Jann Arden, Blackbear, Christina Perri, Orville Peck, Elaine, Bülow, Crownlands, Peach Pit, Forest Blakk, Josh Ross, Jamie Fine, Govi, Gogo Morrow, The Command Sisters, Cannons, 24K Goldn, Ryland James, Corb Lund, Charmaine, Zhavia, Simi, Zeds Dead, Nicky Youre, Barbra Lica, Francois Klark, Jonathan Kawchuk, Universal Music Canada, Columbia Records, Warner Music Canada, Atlantic Records, Death Row Records, Last Gang Records, Watchdog Management, Paper Bag Records, Deadbeats and Platoon.

Dolby Atmos Music Productions

I am dedicated to working with artists to produce new music in the Dolby Atmos format. This immersive audio ecosystem has immense creative and compositional potential, and I am inspired to work with artists to help produce music in this format from the ground up.

Dolby Atmos Mastering Services

I work with artists, engineers and producers around the world to master their Dolby Atmos mixes. Please visit Immersive Mastering for more details on my dedicated immersive audio mastering services.


Please visit my YouTube channel for a series of educational videos I have produced on Dolby Atmos music production.

Justin Gray's YouTube Channel


  • It was awesome working with Justin. A true professional who cares about all that nerdy audio stuff to make sure every artist sounds GREAT. Max Kerman (Arkells)
  • We were thrilled when we found out Justin would be up-mixing our tracks to Dolby ATMOS. His fine attention to detail and talent made our music come alive in the immersive audio world! The Command Sisters
  • Justin’s commitment to the art of Atmos music mixing is incredible. It is rare enough to find someone with his technical know-how; someone who knows how to mix in immersive formats properly. More than his unrivaled technical base, Justin possesses what is so rare in any new artistic form: artistry. He understands when the bells and whistles of immersive audio support the music, and when they don’t. For Justin, it’s always about the music, and immersive technology is in service of that. I’ve not met another immersive engineer like him in that regard. Jonathan Kawchuk