As a recording engineer, I have worked with bands, vocalists, soloists, symphonies and choirs. My studio is designed to create a relaxed recording environment using world class equipment. I have recorded artists and instruments from around the world and look forward to capturing your sound at the highest level.


  • Justin has built a beautiful, quiet, creative space, and filled it with powerful gear. Carefully selected microphones and preamps of all flavours, coupled with a passionate nerdiness for pristine capture, he always gets great sounds.
    Ed Hanley
  • Justin knows how to capture my voice and make me sound my best in the most enjoyable and efficient way! I love working with Justin!

    Tamar Ilana
  • I am honoured to have the opportunity to write a few words about Justin Gray. Whether functioning as a recording engineer and mixing and mastering, he is naturally a vehicle for the depth of Music.
    David Mott
  • Justin’s studio is the place where I could work creatively and feel comfortable. Proper lighting, ideal temperature and excellent acoustics meet the higher standards, not to mention the adequate décor. I don’t know much about studio equipment (console, DAW, audio interfaces), but Justin has an amazing collection of top-quality microphones and headphones. Microphone stands and music stands for every “occasion”. When I wanted to sound like John Lennon, he pulled out this type of microphone that was used in Abbey Road Studios, WOW.

    Justin has a great understanding of how his tools work. So, all I can say is that, the final effect is a perfectly mixed, balanced, leveled, exciting and clean sound. A perfect mix.

    Justin was able to connect me with the right musicians that “felt” and were attuned to my songs, which added a world of arrangements to my compositions. He understood my music. Justin is professional, positive, humble, well organized and creative not to mention that he is a multi-instrumentalist, and of course he is an artist.I recorded two albums at Justin’s studio with amazing results, and I will go back there to produce my next one.

    Highly recommended.

    Alberto Cieplik