Sony 360 Reality Audio Production

As an experienced Sony 360 Reality Audio mix and mastering engineer, I have worked with artists and producers from around the world to bring their music to life in this immersive audio format.

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Synthesis Sound is a Sony 360RA certified studio, equipped with mastering grade monitoring (13.0), conversion, analog/digital tools, headphones, and measurement tools. The studio is a custom-designed acoustic environment that has been tuned by a Sony-certified acoustic technician. which guarantees that my productions accurately translate to all audio playback systems and listening environments.

I use a combination of analog and digital tools for immersive audio production. This includes mastering grade equalizers and compressors, Bricasti M7M reverb mainframes, and an extensive immersive audio plug-in collection (Nugen, Exponential Audio, Flux, Fab Filter, Cargo Cult, Dear Reality, Sound Particles, Reverb Foundry, Liquid Sonics, Avid & Izotope).

If want to learn more about my dedicated Sony 360 Reality Audio mastering services, please visit Immersive Mastering.


Sony 360 Reality Audio Playlist

Please visit one of the following links to hear a selection of my recent Sony 360 RA mixes & masters on Amazon HD or Tidal HD (HD account required). You can use any headphones to experience this format.


Have Mercy

Peach Pit
Up Granville

Spatial Remixing (Stem Up-Mixing)

As a mix and mastering engineer, I have developed effective workflows with artists and producers worldwide to spatially remix their stereo productions in the Sony 360RA format.

I am dedicated to creating inspiring mixes & masters in 360RA, ensuring that content maintains the essence of the original stereo production, while also benefiting from the spatial potential of this multi-channel and headphone-based format. I have extensive experience mixing and mastering in Sony 360RA, and can ensure that all mixes and masters are ready for commercial release on all participating streaming platforms.

Some of my Sony 360RA clients include: Carlos Santana, Chloe, Jack Kays & Travis Barker, Cannons, Orville Peck, Peach Pit, Elaine, 24KGldn and Zhavia.

Dolby Atmos to Sony 360 RA

I have developed a series of unique workflows for building a Sony 360 RA mix from a Dolby Atmos master (ADM BWF). My goal with this approach is to create an efficient and economical way to create a captivating master in the Sony 360 RA format for clients who have already invested in a Dolby Atmos production.

Sony 360 RA Mastering

I work with artists, engineers and producers around the world to master their Sony 360 RA mixes. Please visit Immersive Mastering for more details on my dedicated immersive audio mastering services.


  • It was awesome working with Justin. A true professional who cares about all that nerdy audio stuff to make sure every artist sounds GREAT. Max Kerman (Arkells)
  • We were thrilled when we found out Justin would be up-mixing our tracks to Dolby ATMOS. His fine attention to detail and talent made our music come alive in the immersive audio world! The Command Sisters