Stereo Mixing

As a mixing engineer, I am committed to working with artists and producers to create mixes that bring the music to life.

I have mixed music in many styles from around the world. As an engineer with a professional performance background, I bring my musical experience to the process, which is an asset to knowing how the music should sound and feel.

My studio features a large collection of world class analog mixing equipment and plugins. I work in Pro Tools Ultimate HDX in tandem with AVID converters (AVID MTRX/HDIO), to create a highly flexible hybrid mix system. This allows for the sonic benefits of analog gear, and the precision and recall of the modern world. My studio has been designed to specific standards and features a collection of high end and highly accurate monitoring.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work on your music.


The Composers Collective Big Band
The Toronto Project

Da Creepa

Nastasia Y

Milana Zilnik

Barbra Lica
Imposter Syndrome

Francois Klark
Adventure Book

Jaffa Road
Until When

Moskitto Bar
Augusta Av

Nastasia Y
Evening Star

Haniya Aslam
Ayi Re

Aviva Chernick
La Serena

Hoffman Lemish

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas

Surefire Sweat
Number Nine

Steven Taetz
Drink You In

Justin Gray & Synthesis
New Horizons


Room 217
Lotus Blossom

Noam Katz
After the Flood

The Composers Collective Big Band


  • Justin listens deeply. He takes his time to bring the mix to just the right place, trusting his expert ear while also responding with agility to feedback. He cares for every moment and nuance of the music as if it were all his own. The music sounds so good. Of course, there is the quality of the music itself, how it was written, arranged, played, recorded and edited. But then, how does it get to the point where all the parts fit so well together, every instrument sitting in the right place and beautifully balanced This is the artistry of mixing, and it is this artistry that Justin Gray brought to my recent album. Aviva Chernick
  • Aside from Justin's great ears and being well-versed in numerous musical forms from around the globe, his open-mindedness and desire to learn make him very easy to work with — offering an excellent engineer if not musical collaborator. Larry Graves
  • Mixing with Justin is a pleasure. Creative, calm and methodical, with great ears, a top-notch set of outboard gear and the knowledge and experience to put together a great mix. He’s wicked fast on Pro Tools as well, so you can stay in the creative flow. Ed Hanley
  • Justin is meticulous about everything he does, and will comb through every detail of every mix until it is perfect. Tamar Ilana
  • Justin Gray brings a knowledge of sound and music that is both deep and wide to his craft. His attention to sonic detail combined with immense talent and truly world class gear deliver stunning results that need to be heard to be truly appreciated. Having worked with Justin in a number of capacities I can also say that he is always a pleasure to work and communicate with. Highly Recommended! Shawn Rompre
  • The process of mixing an album is always a delicate balance of clarifying ideas, polishing rough edges, and finding ways to enhance what has been recorded. Throughout the mixing of my latest album, Justin expertly played many different roles; mixologist, cheerleader, therapist, and master craftsman, and helped to shape the project in its final steps into a cohesive and clear sound, even better than I'd imagined. He also shared his talents to master the album, using both his exceptional ear and incredible range of tools and tricks to make it sound pristine. The breadth and quality of his work to date on leading musicians' projects speaks to his mixing and mastering skills, and it's clear that he approaches everything with the fine-tuned ear of a musician, talented technician, and a lover of music. Steven Taetz